Meet The Owners

Inspired by a passion for fitness and a desire to share their experience and help others, Logan and Paige Riley set out on their mission to build the gym of their dreams, Endless Fitness.

“We wanted to go somewhere where it was growing a community that we could help,” Logan stated. “Bixby was the perfect location for our goals.”

High school sweethearts from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, the Riley’s are active fitness enthusiasts who stay busy with training and keeping their two daughters occupied.

“Living an active lifestyle is what we enjoy doing,” said Logan. “Being able to enjoy exciting, physical activities and being in good physical condition makes all the difference. If you are unable to enjoy your hobbies and activities with friends and family, life is passing you by. It is never too late to turn back the clock with proper exercise and nutrition. The key to living pain free is with movement.”

Before Endless Fitness was created in April of 2019, Logan and Paige had been into fitness for about seven years. With Logan’s gym knowledge and experience, it allowed him to help get Paige into the fitness lifestyle shortly after their first daughter was born.

“I just really needed something to take my stress out on, and ever since then, I have loved it,” Paige explained. This led to them realizing how much they benefit from the gym and established their goal of starting their own.

As you enter the building at Endless Fitness, you will find Paige or Logan at the front desk, teaching a class, or coaching a personal training session. 

So far, along with helping others with their health and nutrition by providing easy to use supplements, the most rewarding part of owning a gym has been the social aspect and helping others accomplish their goals.

“It’s not just coming in here and lifting weights,” Logan said. “It translates to your whole life; you can set a goal, and if you put the work, time and energy into it, you can reach that goal and expand your personal development.”

They plan to continue to grow and keep their members as close as family.